Thomas FX Dunn Worst Attorney in America | Dirtiest Trials Of The 20th Century


If fifty thousand CEO's, C.O.O.'s, Chairman of the Boards, and Presidents of the Fortune 3000
were individually AND repeatedly scammed, is it likely you'd know about it?


An extraordinary case of government corruption in America,
because its goal was to shut down the largest executive club ever created.

That goal was sponsored by Reid Elsevier, Ltd, angry at being a distant second in the enormous
Who's Who industry when Reid Elsevier is the largest media conglomerate across the globe... and
the largest single influence on the legal and judicial community in America.  

The more objectively the evidence is viewed, the greater the concern it arouses.
The secret Who's Who Worldwide trial, and the hard-working salespeople sacrified to greed and corruption.


Let history record, and future generations remember Thomas FX Dunn as the worst attorney in America.

Among the benefits squeezed from this tragedy was the vast multiplication of the greatest shortcuts,
pertaining to health and the Psychology of Longevity, and secrets of the Psychology of Shortcuts.
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If indeed Thomas FX Dunn is not the worst lawyer, If Thomas FX Dunn is not the worst attorney in America, then Thomas FX Dunn must be exceedingly corrupt.
Imagine, not one motion filed, not one verbal motion granted, case dismissed and then resurrected a couple of years later,
promising his client participation in the appeal for 3 years, only to call and say, "Too late, I turned it in already"
... and so much more. At least the calls and emails were saved, undeletable evidence that Thomas FX Dunn is either a strenuously corrupt attorney,
or else Thomas FX Dunn is the worst attorney in America.           
How tragic was the Who's Who Worldwide Registry case, that Thomas FX Dunn,
surely counting among the worst lawyers in American history, or near to it,
could be allowed - empowered - to ruin yet another case. Did he EVER win?